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Popular YouTube Tech Analyst and Bitcoin’s few competitors have not yet been confident that they are low on a low position. After the latest poppiece backpacking price which is back to $ 12,000, it’s getting closer to consider that the new all-time record comes in.

Tony Vays should now be able to see the price of the current level until the end of the day. Then he says he will probably be a bull.

Ways: The current price of the daily shutdown of bitcoin can lead to the maximum amount of time
In the latest edition of Vays Tone Trade Show, Bitcoin Trading’s former Wall Street Trader found that in the end,

The use of its trading indicator sequencing gives the analyst an important change in case if Bitcoin has its current price by the end of the day. He says:

btc price

“I’ll be tomorrow if we can take this place … I love the proximity to 12,500 dollars by the end of the day.”

The trade expert says that the latest adjustment would be between $ 14,000 and $ 10,000 to be big enough to safely declare the grass market if the price returned and the current price was $ 12,500.

However, he highlighted the price and 200-day average rating as a cause of concern and noted that a huge drop still continues. In this regard, he also noted that other small obstacles were noted.

First, the price should be held at the end of the current level for a few hours. In addition, the price of Bitcoin should be closed for the future Fibonacci line and the first closed needs of $ 14,000. The movements of the cursor over the year 2019 are only 14,000 dollars, and Tony claims that the latter is “an obstacle”. So the analyst has no idea how high the price:

“I’m expecting four months to adjust … I do not know what the price will be … I do not have the highest goal, I have all the time.”

The most interesting tone is the 4-hour schedule. The analyst was looking for breakout and ranged from $ 12,000 to 12,200, which has now occurred. Vays’s words:

“We have broken all three blows, this is a very good sign.”

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